Our Story

Born from three Australian architecture and design practices coming together in 2000, DesignInc is a powerful union of design talent, professional expertise, and multidisciplinary skills.

When DesignInc’s journey began in 2000, our architectural heritage was already well established. Each firm had a legacy of at least 30 years of experience. The earliest started in 1905 when Alex S. Eggleston FRAIA began practice in Melbourne, leading to the establishment of renowned architectural practice Eggleston, Macdonald and Secomb in 1954.

From the outset, DesignInc has been a leading advocate for positive cultural evolution in architectural practice. Our actions include embracing diversity and family-friendly workplaces, signing up to the Australian Architects Declare Climate and Biodiversity Emergency, adopting carbon-neutral systems and progressive mental health initiatives, and acknowledging the relationship between the environment and the design thinking of First Nations peoples.

In 2020, Nguluway led by Wiradjuri architect, Craig Kerslake, joined with DesignInc to bring Aboriginal leadership and cultural knowledge to the architectural expertise of DesignInc by forming Nguluway DesignInc. DesignInc continues to evolve.


Stafford Architects merges with DesignInc Adelaide

Stafford Architects merged with DesignInc Adelaide in 2008 with the aim of further expanding the breadth of sector expertise that DesignInc offered


DesignInc established

DesignInc began through a conglomerate of established firms
DesignInc logo


SHPH is formed through a merger in Sydney

Harold H Smith merges with Payne & Hunt and renamed Harold H Smith, Jesse, Payne & Hunt Pty Ltd


Nairn Architects established in Adelaide

The Adelaide studio commenced operations as Geof Nairn Architects


Harold H Smith established in Sydney

The Sydney studio commenced operations as Harold H Smith


Eggleston, Macdonald and Secomb established

Eggleston, Macdonald and Secomb was established in Melbourne


Alex S. Eggleston FRAIA established

Alex S. Eggleston FRAIA began an architecture practice in Melbourne

We thank our entire team of talented people, past and present, and our amazing clients. They helped DesignInc shape the fabric of Australia’s cities and regional towns, contributing to a huge output of work that has garnered global recognition.

DesignInc Directors
Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth