How do we humanise clinical facilities? Our nature-inspired, biophilic approach to health facility design incorporates views to nature and prioritises daylight. We de-institutionalise health environments to bring calm and lift the spirits of patients, families, carers and practitioners.

Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC). Photography: Dianna Snape

Innovation is a constant in healthcare. At DesignInc, our health teams embrace change, research, and investigation, initiating each project as a fresh challenge to think, listen and design for patients and practitioners. Using evidence-based design principles we deliver more efficient work-flows, circulation routes and flexible layouts.

Believing that design can make major contributions to the wellbeing and healing of patients, our architects and interior designers collaborate on cultivating health environments that are welcoming and uncluttered, yet functional. Our award-winning diverse healthcare portfolio includes hospitals, master planning, clinics, research environments, acute care, mental health, community facilities, highly technical specialist settings and more.

Our health experience includes:

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Ambulatory care
  • Day surgery and theatres
  • Dental facilities
  • Research environments
  • Mental health facilities

The future of health design is going to continue to have an emphasis on well designed, healthy buildings; designed for people to stay well rather than exclusively focused on those who are sick.

Rohan Wilson
Director, DesignInc Melbourne

Health Awards

2017 Victorian Architecture Medal, Australian Institute of Architects Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC)
2017 William Wardell Award for Public Architecture, Australian Institute of Architects (AIA) Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC)
2013 Best Healthcare Project, World Finance Magazine Infrastructure Investment Awards Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC)
2005 Lab of the Year Award, Science Industry of Australia Bio21 Institute David Penington Building
DesignInc Sydney - Central Coast Clinical and Research Institute
Central Coast Clinical and Research Institute. Photography: Luc Remond